Monday Blessings

 Today we start our Monday with gratitude....and guess what?
1. a late birthday gift from an angel has arrived! It was miss sent by the courier...

 2.our helper came bringing a plastic bag full of antanan (pegagan) leaves for ds. Wow...what a coincidence! I've been thinking of buying this herbal for my son, coz our balcony gardening is not growing the leaves as fast as we need to consume them. She (our helper) said she remembered we need this herbal. Wow!


Murni Rosa said…
Yuniii... What a blessing gratitude! It's true, gratitude brings real happiness inside! :) Nice birthday gift, Yunie.. I want that pegagan! (I always call it 'pegangan') :D
Murni Rosa said…
Pegagan or pegangan? Hihi.. Btw, mau dong nyoba, Yun... :)
pegagan atau kaki kuda mba murni. Klo punya kebun dirumah ditanamin aj

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