Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Focus Determines My Life

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Ever felt as if life is so hectic? Too many things to handle in a single day? As if your to do lists is overwhelming you and you feel depressed with your life..
Well, I am currently feeling frustrated with my schedules and daily routine!
At the end of the day and my  to do lists is not completely ticked....and I  feel like losing the day's battle !
This morning during devotion, I was rem inded about my focus in life.What is actually my focus ?
What is my priority?
Am I putting first things first?
Am I constantly being sidetracked?
When I worry, my focus is around my problems.
when I pray, my focus is Him. Prayers and worries are antonyms! When I worry, I am practically operating with problems highlighting me! Just like Peter when his focus is the water, he was drowning! When his focus is Jesus , he was walking on the water! Wow! When we focus on Him, things the eyes never seen and the ears never heard and never entered the heart...these things we' ll gratefully see, hear and experience!
My prayer today: Let me focus on You more than my problems! Whatever the case that I am going through this Sunday...let me not shift my focus from You! AMEN!

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