Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday Wonders

11:00 AM -finished cooking lunch yeay! Today'
s lunch menu: sayur bening ( spinach and corn soup) , dadar telur bayam jagung (scrambled egg with spinach n corn), cumi asin goreng (fried salted squid)dan sambal

DD enjoys the sayur bening very much, coz last night I told her a story about peter and barnas who ate their lunch together....Barnas finished the whole sayur bening plate n said it was de

      so this morning....I've got an answer to one of the frequently asked question in every mom's thought: what shall I cook today? 'Sayur bening' is the answer! DD eats the spinach too....well this is the power of a story teller!lol....

Well....I'm grateful for my dd's appetite n also for the weather today...
Have more Wednesday wonders coming my way...yeay!

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