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Soto Ayam (Indonesian Style Turmeric Chicken Soup with Coconut Milk)

Oh how I love Monday! why?
Because Monday is my
I don't do anything purposefully: no field trip, no homeschooling session, absolutely no demands of doing things....I empty my to do lists on Monday... just relax, chillax, enjoy my day, and pause....

My Monday today started with cooking Soto Ayam in the morning....yeay!
Cooking is a passion, so it is not considered a task lol...
Love the aroma of santan (fresh coconut milk) poured in my soto ayam...smells terrific!

Yeay gonna share the recipe in this blog post:


A whole organic chicken (700-1 kg in weight), cut into 12 parts

Grind these in a mortar:
I use the Indonesian "gulekan", Javanese style mortar made from stone, bought it in Jogjakarta, very useful and very handy too..
-6 cloves of garlic, peel the skin
-6 shallots, peel the skin
-6 candlenuts
-4 cm of turmeric, peel the skin
-3 cm of ginger, peel the skin
-6 peppercorn seed

Grind the above ingredients until it forms a paste l…

My 2016 Reading List

Tahun ini uda ada banyak list bacaan yang ngantri... hihi seperti kereta api aja nih yang kudu dibaca, yang font warna merah adalah daftar bacaan yang lagi gue baca...kalo yang udah selesai dicoret..hmm masih buanyak lagi meenyusul nih antriannya, ntar bakalan gue tambahin satu per satu:

1. Heal your Gut Cookbook-Hillary Boynton and Mary G Brackett 

2. Gut and Psychology Syndrome- Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride MD, MMedSci(neurology),MMedSci (nutrition)

3. Teaching at Home -Olga Holland

4. What your Childhood Memories Say about You- dr Kevin Leman

5. The Jesus I never Knew -Philip Yancey

6.The Worn out Woman -Dr Steve Stephens and Alice Gray

7. Teaching Montessori at Home -the preschool years by Elizabeth G Hainstock

8. Teaching Montessori at Home -the school years by Elizabeth G Hainstock

Ngomongin lukisan, wah ini salah satu lukisan keren dari era Belle epoque nih :) Mulai dilukis oleh Pierre Auguste Renoir di tahun 1875 dan selesai di tahun 1876..setahun yah kurleb proses pengerjaan lukisan c…